Excellent first participation of Simex in Interihotel

Simex colectividades equipamiento

Our conclusion once the event is over could not be more positive. Thanks to the excellent work and predisposition of our team, we have had 3 days full of productive and fruitful conversations, in addition to having generated a large number of professional contacts.

But not only that. We also value the fact of having been able to learn more about the needs, points of view and reasoning that architecture, design and interior design profiles use when developing their projects.

Expectations satisfied

We entered this IX edition of Interihotel with full confidence in the good reception that we were sure that our integral hotel solutions of bathroom accessories would have. The so-called “Louvre Solution” and “Coliseum Solution”.

And fortunately, the response of those who visited us (interior designers, builders and architects) was as positive as we wanted. The constant innovation that Simex seeks to satisfy the demand of a client that we know always wants to be up to date with the latest trends, was perfectly perceived by professionals in the contract sector.

A great privilege for Simex to have been one of the 150 exhibiting brands in an event that has brought together industry professionals from up to 42 countries. Brands that make comprehensive national and international projects a reality, destined to continue making the hotel industry a safe value at a tourist and economic level.


Exposing our products and hotel solutions to different unions has been very fruitful and shows us that all the effort behind an event of these characteristics is worth it. We will continue to participate in those sector fairs where business synergies are committed and serve as national and international exposure for our brand.

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