About Simex

Simex, is a company created by professionals with years of experience in the field that specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of products for communities.

Considered one of the main suppliers, both nationally and internationally, we provide a wide knowledge about the needs of the sector, offering innovative solutions, both in design, functionality and quality.

Our catalog includes products such as: hair dryers, hand dryers, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, bathroom accessories, help bars, shower seats and much more.

We have a large warehouse equipped with the latest technology and a large capacity to always have enough stock and supply quickly.

In addition, our team formed by great specialists in different areas, constantly works on the satisfaction of our customers, looking for the best quality for our products and offering a close and personalized attention.

Committed to the environment

SIMEX is committed to respecting the environment by producing and trading high quality sustainable products. The company’s products are certified to European standards and a large part of the production processes are carried out locally to ensure the smallest possible carbon footprint. This contributes to the sustainable management of natural resources, helping the company to respect the environment.
All of this reflects Simex’s commitment to the environment, and the attempt to reduce energy consumption as much as possible to achieve the best results. At the same time, Simex works tirelessly to offer products of the highest quality, with optimised durability and energy efficiency.