Experience, Trust and Service Vocation

Simex has been created by professionals with over 50 years experience in the area of distribution and, since its inception, its business is focused on the specialization of public sanitary equipment.

Since its entry into the market, Simex has been professionalizing its service and offer in order to gives competitive advantages to its customers. Simex team carefully studies the needs of their customers, conscientiously selecting those items that offer high functionality at best price and long term quality guarantee.

The added value offered by Simex is set; firstly, in their modern warehouses equipped with the latest technology and with high levels of stock, always ready to deliver on time; secondly, in the research, analysis and monitoring of new sanitary equipment, for public and community facilities, to anticipate the demands of new clients and advising their current customers by offering the most significant improvements in the field.

Simex has different product lines, among which are: Hand dryers, Hair dryers, Technical aids, Stainless Steel sanitary ware, Soap dispensers, Bathroom accesories and Paper dispensers.