Simex: Quality Products for Communities

Simex: Quality Products for Communities

En Simex has been working with top professionals for many years to offer a wide range of products to all types of communities characterized by their high quality. We have extensive knowledge of the sector, which is why we constantly offer innovative solutions that also have great functionality and durability.

Quality Department

When we say our products are of high quality, it’s not just words; we demonstrate it with actions. That’s why the quality of our products is verified by members of a specific department that ensures everything strictly complies with our quality standards. In this regard, it is worth noting that our products have all the quality certifications required both in Europe as a whole and in Spain in particular. Additionally, this department also handles product repairs.

Committed to the Environment

At Simex, we are committed to environmental respect and the production and marketing of sustainable high-quality products. The company’s articles are certified by European regulations, and a large part of the production processes are carried out locally to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint. This contributes to the sustainable management of natural resources, helping the company to respect the environment.

All of this reflects Simex’s commitment to the environment and the effort to minimize energy consumption to achieve the best results. At the same time, Simex tirelessly works to offer products of the highest quality, with optimized durability and energy efficiency.


Logistic facilities of Simex.

Our Hand Dryers: An Ecological and High-Quality Choice

One of Simex’s ecological choices is our electric hand dryers, as their use reduces paper consumption, thereby contributing to biodiversity conservation. It is worth noting that electric hand dryers significantly reduce the environmental footprint of daily life, as it takes about 17 tree trunks to produce 1,000 kg of paper.

At Simex, we offer a wide range of electric hand dryers ideal for equipping bathrooms. With designs ranging from classic to innovative, all our series offer a wide variety of finishes so that each customer can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Additionally, our hand dryers are of great quality and durability. They are manufactured with the latest technology in ultra-fast drying, Hepa filter, and antibacterial ultraviolet light, and they all include Rohs, CE certificates, and internal quality certification. Discover all the models of electric hand dryers in this article on our blog!

Simex's high-quality hand dryers

Wide Range of Products

Our catalog includes products such as: hair dryers, hand dryers, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, bathroom accessories, grab bars, shower seats, and much more. Additionally, we have a large stock and to be able to supply our customers quickly, we have a large warehouse equipped with the latest technology and a large capacity.

Stainless Steel Products

At Simex, we have a wide range of stainless steel products that, of course, and as we have emphasized before, also comply with all the quality standards demanded by the current market.

Stainless steel is one of the most used metals in the world and, as we explained to you a few months ago in this article on our blog, it has countless advantages, such as durability, easy cleaning, high resistance, hardness, ductility, toughness, sustainability, and aesthetics, as it has a modern and elegant finish.

For all these reasons, at Simex we have a wide range of stainless steel products such as toilets, collective washbasins, industrial sinks, washbasins, shower trays, or individual urinals.


Simex's high-quality stainless steel products

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