One step further: New premium magnifying mirrors

espejos de aumento Premium

A few days after presenting the latest news on Hotel Equipment at the prestigious EquipHotel fair in Paris, at Simex we continue to develop other product lines that will be fundamental in the evolution of the sector during this 2018-2019 season. One of them are the bathroom accessories within the accessories, whose aesthetic lines guarantee an extra touch of class to the spaces they occupy. Like the new Premium Magnifying Mirrors.

New trend-setting designs

Flagging new trends in the product lines we handle is a premise that we fulfill with success and satisfaction. Bathroom accessories and complements are no exception.

Magnifying mirrors Premium

We try to move away from the conventional round shapes in the finishes of the magnifying mirrors to bet on a more sophisticated and outstanding design. The trends around bathroom finishes are among those that present more movements every so often, and with the new Premium Magnifying Mirrors, we are leading a significant turn based on elegance and functionality.

We take a risk with square and rectangular shapes, leaving behind flat lines that are not very impressive until now. Magnifying mirrors made of brass with a high-quality glossy finish. Without a doubt, the latest and applauded trend in bathroom accessories in the sector.

Same design as the Black range

As with the presentation of the Black range for hospitality and community equipment, this new direction in magnifying mirrors means betting on innovation and evolution within bathroom accessories. Modernity against continuity; Sophistication versus sobriety.

The new Simex Premium Magnifying Mirrors are now available to anyone interested through our usual communication supports:
  +34 97 403 53 44


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