7 key tips for choosing the best hand dryer for restrooms or public spaces

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In one of our most recent publications we talked about the importance of hand drying for proper hand hygiene and to avoid the transmission of unwanted microorganisms. We also talked about how electric hand dryers are the most sustainable alternative to fulfill this function (you can read the article by clicking HERE).
However, the market of electric hand dryers is very wide and it can be difficult to know which one to choose and on what basis. That is why today we want to give you 7 key tips to choose the best hand dryer for bathrooms or other public spaces, according to your needs.
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7 key tips for choosing the best hand dryer

Power and drying speed

The speed of drying should be the main criterion of choice if you want to buy a quality electric hand dryer. It is the most sustainable alternative to paper dispensers for hand drying. Both for the paper savings involved, as well as for its low energy consumption. It is a practical, ecological and aesthetic device.
We advise you to opt for electric hand dryers with a drying time of less than 15 seconds. They produce about 5 grams of Co2, compared to paper towels that can produce more than 16 grams per unit.

Noise level

Once again, we recommend a quick-drying electric hand dryer. Apart from consuming less energy than dryers with medium drying time, they are usually less noisy due to new technologies. The new models of electric hand dryers take this feature into account and focus on producing more energy efficient and quieter models.
They are ideal for use in public spaces. They facilitate the hand drying stage and do not hinder the space by generating accumulations in case of crowded spaces, due to their high speed and low noise level.


Electric hand dryers do not require any special maintenance beyond a hygiene routine, just like all bathroom accessories and appliances. Unlike paper hand dryer dispensers, which require continuous paper replenishment or daily towel cleaning, electric hand dryers will only require monthly cleaning or annual filter replacement.
Currently, the safest filters on the market are the so-called HEPA filters and can be washable (blue) or replaceable (green).  We recommend purchasing an electric hand dryer with a replaceable HEPA filter, as washable filters lose efficiency with each wash. However, if you decide to opt for the latter, in this case it is advisable to wash the HEPA filter about once a month to maintain the best possible efficiency.


Generally, electric hand dryers are made of plastic (ABS), painted steel (with black or white finish) or stainless steel (with satin or glossy finish). We recommend you to choose hand dryers made of steel as it is a more resistant and durable material than plastic and will allow you a greater longevity in good condition combined with an attractive price. Indeed, stainless steel is the strongest material of the three when compared. However, electric hand dryers made of this material are usually much less expensive than those made of painted steel, even though it is also a highly resistant material.


The functionalities of the hand dryer are another key feature to consider. As we have already mentioned, it is important that it is efficient, but also hygienic and environmentally friendly, which is why we advise you to choose an electric hand dryer with low consumption and high speed.
On the other hand, there are different types of electric hand dryers: push button hand dryers or automatic electric hand dryers. We advise you to opt for an automatic electric hand dryer. That is, with an infrared sensor that detects movement and activates automatically. These hand dryers avoid contact with the device and are highly recommended in terms of hygiene in case their installation is required in a bathroom or public space.


The appropriate size of the hand dryer will depend on the space you have available. Logically, if it is a small space, we recommend you to opt for a compact electric hand dryer fixed on the wall. Otherwise, you can opt for a vertical or larger electric hand dryer.

Design and aesthetics

The aesthetics of the accessories is absolutely subjective and will depend once again on the space for which it is intended. Some finishes such as matte black allow you to combine the electric hand dryer in a more elegant space emphasizing the design, and other finishes such as white and satin or glossy will allow you to incorporate it in more classic spaces without standing out especially.
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Our recommendation

Equipped with HEPA filter, carbon brush motor and RoHS certification; manufactured in steel with white and black matte finish and in silver and satin stainless steel; in a compact size; with a fast drying time between 7 and 10 seconds and led indicator for activation; the TOPFLOW electric hand dryer by Simex meets the standards of efficiency, sustainability, hygiene and design to take into account when choosing your hand dryer.
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