Descubre las ventajas del acero inoxidable

Simex - Acero inoxidable

Cada vez es más habitual ver el acero inoxidable en el día a día de nuestras vidas. Se ha convertido en un material muy frecuente aunque no nos demos cuenta. Está en cocinas, baños, y multitud de pequeños utensilios. Sus ventajas son numerosas tanto funcionales como estéticas y cada vez se ha extendido más su uso, lo que ha  permitido reducir su precio, haciéndolo aún más competitivo.

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Simex joins the best advisory team to the best product

Simex, having worked on the improvement of the delivery of their products by reducing the time and improving on safety, expands its catalogue to attend all market segments and takes a step forward by increasing its workforce. Our objective is to have a team of consultants at the service of all our customers that will give advise on what product suits best for installing, where to install it, how to maintain it, etc.

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Clinimax closes 2013 with a 50% increase in sales

The growth of Clinimax, specialized in the equipment for communities, is explained by the thrust in the acquisition of the Simex brand, which has involved an increase of 30% in its range of products, and the improvement in the design of the products, immediate service and the better quality-price relationship in the market and the stronger presence of its products in Europe, Russia and the Arab Emirates.

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